Server and Website Rules

The goal of MirageCraft is to promote a positive and fun gaming environment for players of all ages. In order to accomplish this, the following rules and regulations are in place to ensure the continued quality of this community. Furthermore, as these rules apply to specific instances of misconduct, we reserve the right to modify existing or add new rules at our discretion without notice.

By registering an account on the server and on the website, you acknowledge that you have fully read and understood the rules and agree to follow them. Breaking these rules will result in a punishment. You are responsible for your account. If you let someone play on your account, you are held completely responsible for his/her actions. If they get your account banned it was your responsibility to ensure they read and followed the rules. If someone 'hacks' your account you will still be held responsible, so please keep your account secure and try not to share your password with others.

Server Rules:
1. Do not beg for items, Pokémon, money, or leveling, etc. If they refuse the first time, that's a clear indication to stop.

2. Do not use hacks or mods that can drastically alter the gameplay to the unfair advantage of one player. Mods include softwares that performs something on your computer such as automatic or scheduled pressing of keys, and external modifications such as putting an item on the keyboard to press on keys. 
3. Do not use alternate accounts to benefit yourself unfairly. This includes using it to get the extra kits and loot, or to train your Pokémon on the main account.

4. Do not grief, steal, or scam other players. Griefing includes breaking parts of another player's property and building of inappropriate structures near another player without their permission.
5. Do not advertise or promote other servers. This is in no way tolerated.
6. Do not spam the chat or spam other players with commands such as /msg or /tpa. The latter falls under harassment. We also recommend non-English conversations to be held privately instead due to the fact that this is an English server and majority would not understand other languages - thus regarding your messages as spam. 
7. Do not swear or use insulting language in chat, on signs, mails, Pokémon's nicknames, and your own nick or username, etc. Keep the chat as PG and friendly as possible. 

8. Do not exploit the bugs, glitches, or errors in the server or mod. On the contrary, reporting them would earn you a reward.
9. Do not try to circumvent the rules or bypass the chat filter. They are all there for a purpose. Staff decisions are final. If you think a rule is unfair or not stated clearly, you can let us know through the forums.

10. GOLDEN RULE. Respect each and every player regardless of rank, race, gender, religion, or opinion.

Forum Rules:
1. Do not multi-post or spam posts or replies. You can use the edit button to add more information to your post.

2. Do not post 'not safe for work' topics. You will be banned on the forums for doing so.
3. Do not post the same thread in multiple forums at the same time.
4. No flaming. Some discussions can get heated, but keep to constructive criticism rather than an all out flaming or insulting.
5. Do not necro/bump threads for your own amusement without a good reason for doing so.