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Come join one of the oldest living Pixelmon communities out there with a 3 years record and running! MirageCraft is not just a Pixelmon server, it's also a family. We at MirageCraft strive to bring this awesome mix of Minecraft and Pokémon to our players. We offer a multitude of features to improve the general player experience, such as:

⛏ Zero Lag: The server runs on one of the best hardwares out there, so expect it to never go through any form of lag.

⛏ Survival Elements: Seeing as Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod, we shouldn't forget about what makes survival a fun experience!

⛏ KeepInventory: In case of death, your inventory and its contents will still be intact, so fear not!

⛏ Increased Spawn Rate: Expect to be showered by Pokémon with a spawn rate 6-7 times higher than the default! If that's not enough, look at our next feature.

⛏ Safari Zone: Gotta catch 'em all! Right? The Safari Zone has plenty of uncommon-to-rare Pokemon for you to catch! The best part is, they will keep on spawning so you never run out of Pokemon.

⛏ Level 10 Starter: The server provides the typical beloved starter choices with a slight level boost to facilitate new players!

⛏ Various Events: The server has a continuous string of running events to ensure players can have new fun experiences! Capture competitions, breeding competitions, building competitions, tournaments, etc. We never run out! On top of that, we also have...

⛏ Earnable Ranks: We have different ranks you can earn from filling up your pokedex and winning events. We also have a rank for people who complete the Gyms and have defeated the Elite4 and Champion, which happens to be our next feature.

⛏ Gyms and Elite4: Up for some challenges? We have challenging Gym Leader NPCs, and more challenging Elite4 and Champion NPCs. Show the server how strong of a trainer you are by bringing home the victor rank.

⛏ Pokemon Riding: Soar through the blue skies and dive under the deep oceans with your beloved Pokemon! Exploring the world has never been more fun!

⛏ Legendary Spawning: Legendaries are Pokémon desired by many, and here you can catch them! That's not enough? A lot of our events give Legendary Pokemon as prizes.

⛏ Friendly Staff: Our staff team is carefully picked from the most active, friendly, and helpful members of the community!

⛏ Great Community: Be welcomed by one of the warmest and oldest living communities out there with a record of 3 years and running!

⛏ Land Protection: MirageCraft provides players a way to protect what belongs to them. With this, the next feature will bloom even more!

⛏ Teams/Clans: Form a clan with other players and build a town, an empire, or even a kingdom! Great way to collaborate with friends, and make new ones!

⛏ Wondetrade: What wonders lie in wondertrading? You never know what you're gonna get! It might be a shiny or a rare Pokemon!

⛏ Global Trade Station: Buy and sell Pokemon with ease using our GTS menu! It creates a diverse trading system amongst players.

⛏ PixelAuctions: There are lots of ways to earn money in-game, and one of them is through auctioning your Pokemon!

⛏ Pixelmon Extras: This sidemod offers lots of additional commands such as /evs and /ivs where you can check your Pokemon's EVs and IVs respectively, /pokegift to gift your Pokemon to a friend, and more!

⛏ Mystery Gift: We occasionally give out rare candies, poke balls, or event Pokemon through Mystery Gifts!

⛏ Donation Perks: Similar to other servers, we need funds to run the server. Anyone who supports the server through donations will be properly rewarded for their kindness and generosity!

⛏ Point System: The server has an earnable point system where 1 Mirage Point is equivalent to 1 dollar at our store! These can be obtained through winning events as well!

⛏ Toggle-able PvP: Players can enjoy PvP, but it's toggled OFF per player by default. You can choose whether or not you want to PvP with someone, just remember to toggle it on - and off when you stop.