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MirageCraft Server Trailer

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posted May 4, 18
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MirageCraft Video Competition 

Theme: MirageCraft Server Trailer

May 3rd - May 16th

Lights, Camera, Action!  Make MirageCraft a star in this video competition. Show off its many features such as safari zone, mirage island, 16 gyms, dex ranks, wonder trade, GTS, Pokemon auctions, events, pokehunts, and EV training center. We look forward to seeing the ways you make MirageCraft shine. Post entries here. Prizes vary depending on submission.

Another month full of events! We've updated /cal (short for /calendar) so you know what to expect! Kicking off with double vote rewards for the first week, along with the chance to get a Spring Key. The Spring crate can be found at /warp crates beside the others and it contains 3 unlockable PokeDisguises. Don't forget to vote and tell your friends to vote as well!

May Mirage League

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posted Apr 28, 18

May 5th @ 11am EST

It’s been a long journey. You’ve crossed plains and savannas, oceans and mountain hills. You’ve bred your best, battled dozens of pokemon to train levels and EVs, and thrown in your top moves and strategies. Now you crest the last rise with your team and there it is, glittering in the distance: the pressure, the acclaim, the Mirage League! Win it all to claim a special rank that proclaims your battle prowess to the world!

Mirage League is the server’s official player-vs-player tournament held on every 1st Saturday of the month at 11AM EST (The time may change monthly depending on circumstance). The tournament will be bracket-style, like Clan Wars, with the bracket closing at noon the day before the tournament takes place. The battle format is Gen 6 OU. The Mirage League Rules are posted here so have a read before signing up.

Mirage League Rules
1. A team may not consist of two of the same Pokémon.
2. A Pokémon may not have either Double Team or Minimize.
3. A Pokémon may not have the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold.
4. You are not allowed to put an opponent's Pokémon to sleep IF he/she already has a sleeping Pokémon. It does not matter if that Pokémon was put to sleep by you, or by Rest.
5. You are not allowed to use healing items such as potions and revives.
6. You are not allowed to swap Pokémon in between battles.

The prizes are semi-dynamic; it may change month to month.
1st Place: PokeVictor rank, n rare candies, 1 emerald key, 1 ruby key, 5 Mirage Points
2nd Place: n rare candies, 1 emerald key, 1 ruby key, 1 Mirage Crystal
3rd Place: n rare candies, 1 emerald key, 1 ruby key, 1 Mirage Crystal
All Participants: 1 emerald key

Quick Survey

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We're currently in the process of expanding our advertising to allow more players to know about MirageCraft. We are asking for your help to answer a simple survey (click here) to allow us to identify the server's current audience and its strong points. The questionaire is confidential - no information provided will be known by public. Only designated MirageCraft affiliates have access to your responses.

After completing and submitting the survey, you will be rewarded 24 rare candies on the Sunday that follows. Of course, you may only submit once. Any re-submissions will not be reviewed or rewarded. 

We're looking forward to your responses! Thanks~

To all the clans who participated, give yourselves a round of applause! You all did fantastically! Congratulations to the winning clan, Crew,! Both winning representatives,  GoldenCreeperInc and tinggo, of the clan, get 24 Rare Candies, 1 gold key, 1 ruby key and 5 Mirage Points; all other active members of the clan, as well as the participating representatives get 1 gold key.

Again, congratulations! Looking forward to the next Clan Wars!

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