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Due to recent updates in the mod, we were forced to delay this planned event. However, the update gives us a great opportunity for topics and themes for a writing contest so we're changing the poem writing contest to a Newsletter Writing Contest! Write a newsletter article about the recent update to Pixelmon 7.0.1 and other recent events that happened on the server. Some suggestions are: a sports section on the recent mirage league, hot trends section - what are the new hot items people are looking for, everyone's favorite Gen 7 Pokemon, etc. You may also include pictures to spice up to newsletter. This contest starts February 17, 2019 and ends March 3, 2019. The entries will be judged on grammar and how entertaining they are to read. Five winners will be selected and the top three will receive the PokeJournalist rank and other varying rewards. We are looking forward to reading some great articles!

Post your entries here: Newsletter Writing Contest Entries

Previous Newsletter Writing Contest Winner: SketchingMelon - Entry

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