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Pixelmon 7.0.1

By SnowBlitzz 雪 tag - Posted Feb 10, 19

Greeting everyone!

We have updated to Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.1! This update mainly adds generation 7. You can read more on the changelog in their website. Some things to note on this update:

- Some plugins like SafeTrade are unusable since it hasn't updated for 7.0.1.
- Gyms are temporarily disabled since the gym plugin we use hasn't updated to 7.0.1.
- Your balance display in the inventory will not update to your correct balance until buy/sell something to a shopkeeper. This is only a visual bug and will not affect your balance in any way.
- Wormholes are disabled, unfortunately, for it breaks server economies and have already broken a few other servers. It also causes huge amounts of lag.
- Alolan-form Pokemon will not transfer over from deep storage. This is a Pixelmon bug so we'll see if they address it in 7.0.2.

We will update our server changelog as these gets fixed. Other than that, please report any bugs you find on the server. Thank you and enjoy the update!

You can install this version via the Technic launcher with our modpack here  or download it directly from the official website Installation Guide:

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