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Calling all artists of MirageCraft! Let's put your creativity to the test! Draw your own Mega Evolution of any Generation 2 (Johto Dex) Pokemon! Three winners will be chosen and prizes will vary among them. I might choose five if submission count is large. Drawings on paper are preferred but you may also use computer softwares such as Paint or Photoshop if you like.

  • One entry only. If you dislike your old entry, you may delete and submit a new one.
  • Do not copy ideas or designs from others. Be creative and use your own imagination.
  • Drawing needs to be colored.
  • It should have your Minecraft username and signature.
  • Give it an ability - It can be an existing ability or you can make up your own, just don't forget to describe what it does.

To submit, upload your drawing to an image sharing website like imgur then post the link along with your username on this forum thread: Johto Dex Mega Art Contest. The winners will be decided on or before Jan 27, 2019.

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