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It's time to D-D-D-DRAW! You thought I was going to say duel. This is a pokemon mod, not a yu-gi-oh mod. Get all the crayons, ms paint, pastels, colored pencils, paint, chalk, and computer mice you can find for the box cover drawing contest. Yes computer mice, so digital submissions are accepted. For those who do not know box art is the art on the box, the game cartridge comes in. This is not a competition about who can copy the pokemon games box art the best. Copying/Plagiarizing is not allowed. Be creative and imagine if pixelmon were to be sold in the Nintendo shop instead of its wannabe Pokemon Quest. What would pixelmon look like on the shelf? Pokemon box art has images of the exclusive legend but pixelmon has all the legends so what will the box art look like? Post submissions here.

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