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Ahoy! As the Mini Builders Box Competition has come to a temporary stop, we would like to introduce all of you to our 5th official building contestHave the skills and creativity to become the best builder on the server? Show off what you can achieve in this event and win big prizes for it! Get yourself that Builder rank you've been dreaming about, a legendary of your choice, and more! Prizes may vary depending on the output. 

What's a battle facility? In the Pokemon games, battle facilities are places where main character can go to test their skills beyond the Elite 4. They often come with a challenge twist to push your limits as a trainer, such as having you go through consecutive battles without healing your team, or triggering traps that inflict status illness on your Pokemon before the next battle begins. Examples are the Battle Maison and the all the facilities in the Battle Frontier, just to name some. Use your creativity to come up with a new battle facility! Both interior and exterior design will be judged. Winners will be announced on August 5, 2018. 

Note: The build must be on the server. Copying other's builds will result in disqualification.

Post your entries here: Battle Facility Building Contest Entries

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