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Breeding Competition

By awesometdog13 tagtagtagtag - Posted May 21, 18

Anyone can breed a competitively perfect pokemon given enough time, but this time speed is key. Race against other players to raise IV's, grow the pokemon or shrink it, and most importantly breed it with a nature that fits it. Reply to this post to be assigned a pokemon to breed, you may join at any time during the event. Upon completion, players must submit a screenshots proving they have completed what they were assigned. Assignments will be posted on May 22nd. The event ends on May 30th. Go out there and be a better Breeder than Brock ever was.


Top 3: PokeBreeder rank, 3 MirageCrystals, 1 Emerald Keys, 1 Ruby Key, and 2k PokeCoins

4th an 5th place: Rewards: 1 MirageCrystal, 1 Emerald Key, 1 Ruby Key, and 2k PokeCoins

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