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Blauw’s Modaversary!!

By awesometdog13 tagtagtagtag - Posted Apr 13, 18

Greetings all,

Are we ready for:
Blauw’s Modaversary!!

Date 29 of April
What?: a day full of events, give-aways and a Raffle or two.
Which events?: a scavenger hunt and two times Blau’s small league, the winners of both battles compete to earn a special prize.
Scavenger Hunt?: yes we are going treasure hunting, you get a book with coordinates go to that place for further instructions and new coordinates till you finish all places and give back the book with the answer to Blauw no time limit, Blauw will take a day to read all answers and hand out the prizes.
Prizes?: Yes, there will be prizes, keep am eye on Events to learn more

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