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Valentines Breeding Contest

By awesometdog13 tagtagtagtag
awesometdog13 @ MirageCraft Pixelm...
- Posted Feb 9, 18

Looking for love can be fun and at times heartbreaking, but what is always fun is being a matchmaker. Time for you to play the role of Cupid for your Pokemon in this Valentines themed breeding contest. There are some Pokemon who's appearance change drastically depending on if they are male or female and some are even a different species from their opposite gender. You will be assigned certain stats you need to need to breed onto one of the before mentioned Pokemon. To get your assignment reply to this thread by the 10th. On the 10th everyone who replied will be given their assignment. Players can still sign up after the 10th.

Top 3: Breeder rank or MP, valentines key, Ruby key, 1 mirage crystal, 5,000 pokecoins

4th and 5th place: valentines key, Ruby key, 2,000 pokecoins

Everyone else who finishes 1 valentines key and 2,000 pokecoins

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