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January Mirage League

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- Posted Jan 11, 18

January 13th @11am EST

Format: GEN 6 OU

     Countless numbers of Pokemon defeated, EVs matched to Smogon specifics, and products of love with perfect IVs. Hours of preparations and for what? The gyms? No, the gyms give you a shiny object that you can not show off. What you want is something to show off to prove you are the best Trainer in MirageCraft, bragging rights, and that is the PokeVictor rank. Only obtained by defeating your rivals in the MirageLeague, the Pokevictor rank is the greatest achievement in MirageCraft. After all, there can be many champions but there can only be one victor.

    MirageLeague is a server ran Pokemon tournament held on the first Saturday of every month at 11 am North American Eastern Standard Time (date and time might change for a month in which case it will be stated on the announcement post). It is a single elimination best of one tournament, with a placement match for the third and fourth place. Meaning, if you make it to the semi-finals and loose stick around because you 'll have the chance to battle again for third place. The format changes every month, so one time it can be Little Cup then the next month it is Under Used. Along with incorporating the rules of the format, there are some additional rules found here. Sign up here.

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