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By SnowBlitzz 雪 tag - Posted Jan 6, 18

Hello everyone!

Just to give everyone a follow-up on the switch to 1.12.2.

It's been really stressful dealing with the constant timeouts and crashes since the day we updated, been getting only a few hours of sleep and it's a struggle to focus on IRL issues thinking the server's having problems, so I apologize if I was having an angry aura around me as of late. Anyway, if you find any issues or are having trouble connecting, don't hesitate to report it! We want to give you a great, bug-free experience on the server!

Onto the missing features, a lot of you were asking where the GTS has gone to - It's still under heavy development by NickImpact. When we tried adding the development builds when they first got released, we found tons of bugs that could potentially lead to loss of Pokemon. With that said, we will wait until a stable version is released so nothing can go wrong. 

As for Dex Ranks, it is currently being rewritten by m1zark as my own code is just too messy leading to some terrible loopholes. It's about half done so you can expect it to be back in a few days! PokeDisguise is being updated by another dev. I know you probably missed fooling around with this! Don't worry, you won't lose the disguises that you've unlocked before! 

Thanks for everyone who sticked around, and special thanks to everyone who has helped with the update! We hope everything gets better from this point onwards, as most of the terrible bugs have already been squashed. Plus, Pixelmon Reforged 6.0.2 will be released soon with more bug fixes and cool additions!

Enjoy your free shiny Flabébé! 

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