If you don't know already but my dream is to build all the cities from Kanto in MirageCraft! There's just a little problem I'm having at the moment... I need help clearing out areas and help design some of the insides, buildings, etc.. Lastly the houses inside the cities will be given out to members. (well because you're a citizen, right?). You ready to become a citizen?

Need help with:
  • Clearing of the land,
  • Clearing of the land,
  • Design help / updating of some of the older cites
  • Collect supplies
  • Build
  • Gym Leaders (You'll need to follow the criteria to become one)
  • Foreman
  • Decorator
Hope you ready to be a citizen! Send me(Patapon266#1816) your info on discord using the forum below
Spoiler: Citizenship TestShow

Happy MirageCrafting,