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Ongoing Blauw Events 2019

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Blauw Events 2019

After experiments in 2018, I found a few events most seemed to like and those will be returning in 2019. Those are Raffles, Quizzes, PvP and Drop parties
So watch the event page often to see which event I plan for the month.
Also NEW in 2019 are the Little Cup and the little league starters 3v3.

Blauw Events Januari:

A few Rewards boxes are left after the hand out so I am going to Raffle those.
There are 6 Blue Boxes, 2 Red, 3 White and 2 Orange.
How to enter: Leave your IGN behind with BlueDragon on Discord.
Raffle will take place Sunday the 27 of Januari.

Hope you all will join \o/
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The Winners of Blauws Januari Raffle are:

Blue chests:
1. Benefant
2. Kurai
3. MuchKali
4. PinoyMc2014
5. Inebriation
6. DireWolfPvP

Red chest
1. Builderguy177
2. SparkingBlade

White chest
1. TheEnderGirl_
2. AceDragon
3. BroccoliVapes

Orange chest
1. UberTwilight
2. iSleepin
Posted Jan 27, 19 · OP
Blauw Events Februari
Little League Gen1
May keep the pokemon you got
1st 5000 pc
2nd 2500 pc
3rd 1000 pc

Little League Explained

- You get a starter team of the gen played, so the first time will be gen 1 so you get a first level
Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur
- All training is on /warp mirageisland
- You can not leave MirageIsland during the training and battle there-after
- You may bring one high level pokemon for training
- You can not use items that boost exp
- You can not use held items during the training
- You can not use items during battles, like revive and such and no TM or HM
- You may use held items if you brought them with you, only during the battles
- No mega evolving, No Blissey training
- You battle against the other trainers in a 3 vs 3 battle in the /warp masterarena
- Battle style: the ones that looses the first round, will have a chance to come back by winning from the other that lost their battle.

Battle style explained

First round: All that joined the tournament, will battle against every other player that joined in a best out of three battle
Second Round: All that lost the first round have a chance to get back in the tournament by winning this round. All that are in this round have one battle against every other player in a best of three fight till we have one winner
Round three: the winners of round one and the winner of round 2, battle against each other in a best of three battle
Repeat round two and three if more than 6 players join
Fourth Round: the best two go to the finals, the two that lost battle for place three, in a best out of three battle

Hope to see you there
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Posted Feb 3, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 3, 19
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