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Accepted Staff Application

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Minecraft username: Patapon266

Discord ID: Patapon266#1816
Current Age: 17

Country & Timezone:


Time played on the server:

Joined December 25, 2014(Been playing off and on)

Time you can play per day:

2-3 hrs

Experience with Pixelmon:

I have been playing Pokemon for awhile now, the last game that I played in recently releases was Alpha Sapphire and that was it. For pixelmon I have been playing for a long time, since 2013. I have brushed up on the “new” Pixelmon and I am ready to make youngsters and new players to Pixelmon feel like they belong here.

Experience with being a staff member:

Previous staff member for the server.

Why do you want to be a staff member:

Well I have already said in my last application that I felt like it was time to do more and start helping out even more so then answering a question or helping someone claim land(which is still a valid reason why I want to be staff) but also, this time I feel like I’m ready to try again and prove to you Snow and Rockes that I can handle the task of being a staff member.

Other useful information (optional):

Well as you know I was a trial-mod for this server 2 years ago and I said I was ready and thought it wasn’t going to be the hardest thing in the world but I was wrong. I thought I knew all the commands for being a mod but I didn’t. Thanks to Pio, he really helped me learn how to be a mod but I didn’t think I was ready still. I’m sorry that I applied when I did. I was reading over the forum that Master made about applying and reading what he said about “being a brick wall” and I thought to myself that wasn’t me back then, I was a shut-in kid that was scared to talk on team-speak for a staff meeting just because my voice cracked and I was self-conscious about myself. But over the years of going to school it really does prepare you for college and how to be a responsible person and to complete tasks for your team and not to abandon them. I hope that you will reconsider me for staff again and I will not make the same mistakes as last time.

Did you read the requirements and rules for applying?: Yes.
Posted Dec 17, 18 · OP
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Welcome back to the staff team Patapon266. You know what to do here onwards :)
Posted Jan 1, 19
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