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Denied Helper Application

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I’m Darknightson applying for helper and if you want to talk to me more directly my Discord ID is #9312.
I’m fourteen and live in western USA (western time zone). I’ve played on the server for 4 days and feel like I’ve learned pretty much everything there is as of now. On weekends I can play (almost) all day unless something else comes up and on weekdays after school and some things with my pets I can play pretty much till 5:00PM or later. My experience with pixelmon is only about a year’s worth of experience but im GREAT with the concept of Pokémon. I know all the types and their weaknesses, and what’s legendary/mythical, and so on.

I have some experience with being an owner, I run a LAN world (if that counts) that has a large Yugioh school that I built, and I play with 2 other friends and sometimes ill post the IP address up on Facebook if any one else wants to learn/duel.

I want to be a staff member because I love being a good example of a person to people, and I can’t really do that if no one really pays attention to me. Also, it feels good to help people in need you know?

As for the rules, last time I broke the rules on a server I learned my lesson. I will never, NEVER EVER break a rule on purpose again. I won’t double post because that’s kind of dumb. If no one reads your post so be it. Also, if I lie, I feel sick to my stomach, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Over all I would really like feeling more important and having a higher sense of reality.
Posted Nov 15, 18 · OP

Please follow the template. You may reapply in two weeks.
Posted Nov 17, 18
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