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Denied Neologic1337 Helper Application

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Minecraft username: Neologic1337

Discord ID: NeoLogic1337#4634

Current Age: 19

Birth Day: July 17 1999

Country & Timezone:US CDT

Time played on the server: Since About Jun 2018

Time you can play per day: 2-5 hours a day. I am out of normal schooling but in a ged class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 Pm to :8:30 Pm my time.

Experience with Pixelmon: Im pretty good at pixelmon I dont know fully everything but within the time i have been playing iv learned alot.

Experience with being a helper: I used to be a co - owner for a clan called CTS so i have decent experience of being part of a staff. I can either give a link to CTS as a whole or have you talk to the ower of that clan we had gotten decently big having multiple servers for different games although CTS is now a dead clan.

Why do you want to be a helper: I want to be a helper so i can eventually get higher in rank to help out the server in any shape or form.

Other useful information : I dont have the best of computers but it is good enough to get done what i need to do. Im pretty known in the community and i try to help people if they need it and lot of the time when people need help is when one of the staff isn't on so try to do my best to assist them. On weekends im usually really busy so i might not be on.

Did you read the requirements and rules for applying?: Yes i have read the rules and requirements
Posted Oct 29, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 30, 18
Hello Neologic1337,

You don't seem to be as actively lately. Any reason for that?

Edit: No reply in 2 weeks.
Posted Dec 9, 18 · Last edited Dec 21, 18
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