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Accepted Helper applictaion

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Minecraft username:

Discord ID:

Current Age:

Time zone:

Central Time

Total playtime:

2 weeks 2 days

Times that I could play:
I have Band Practice after school, and somedays the times are different.
Each day I will have a playtime of roughly 3 to 4 hours.
Although, I do have a day in the middle of the week of which I have no practice, so that's about 5 to 7 hours on those days.
However, this is temporary. This Month only will my schedule be like this.
After that, I will have much more time to get on since I will have no more band practices except on one-day per week.

Experience with Pixelmon:
I first played Pixelmon when generation 1 was the only thing on it, then I took a break and wanted to look at how it was. This was around the time whenever Lugia and the Beast trio was implemented into the mod.
Now, since I've been being more active on Pixelmon than I ever have, I've learned a LOT more about it.

Experience with being a staff member:
I've started my own server for a while, it was a small server I hosted on another server. (a server that hosted other servers.) The most amount of players that have joined the server, was roughly 70 people.

Why do I want to be a staff member?:

I have a little brother and when he gets on Mirage Craft I don't want him to see anything that he shouldn't see, so I want to be a helper because I would like others like my brother to have a safe place for them to get on, enjoy, and have fun!

Understanding of the rules and requirements:
Yes, I did actually read the rules and requirements, to my knowledge (don't know how this is possible),
I did not copy this from anyone. I won't Double post or bump, that's dumb. Didn't lie about anything either, although me saying that I've been an owner of a server sounds kinda farfetch'd (pun intended), it is true.
- I've played on this server on a total time of more than 3 days.
- I am pretty active on the server, not so much as on the forums, but that will change. Though I'm on the discord server more.
- Speaking of Discord, yes I'm very active on discord. I get on it literally whenever I can. I also have it on my phone as well, so if I get @'d I will get notified.
- Like said as before, I'm not very active on the forums, but I will adjust to that.
- I will help people on the server as much as possible, and I will report issues that I cannot help with.
- I will enforce the rules on both the server and forums. I will make a report when they do not listen.
- On the server and discord, I am a pretty enthusiastic kind of person. I do make jokes a lot (not like those kinda jokes the kids make). However, in situations of when I need to be serious, I will do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application!

To the staff members of Mirage Craft:
Thank you for making the server what it is today. I like to see people having fun on servers, and if someone tries to ruin that, someone from the staff team does what they can to help. It would be honorable to be on this staff team.
Posted Sep 26, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 21, 18
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Welcome to the staff team! I've added your discord role as well. Make sure you read the posts in the staff discussion forum before proceeding.
Posted Nov 1, 18
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