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Denied Helper Application

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Minecraft username: Chippy2014

Discord ID: Plague von Karma#1661

Current Age:18 on September 26th

Country & Timezone: London UK (GMT)

Time played on the server: Almost a week. I quite like it, so I thought I'd give it a go. Pretty sure the denial is imminent.

Time you can play per day: Currently a NEET who goes to a friend's house on weekends, so...Monday to Friday? Possibly more. Hours...anything from 3 to 10. Sometimes I may not log in on a day, in which I'm working on upcycling furniture to make ends meet. The UK is harsh, y'know?

Experience with Pixelmon:
With Pixelmon, I was a Bug Gym Leader on PokePlanet at one point. However, disagreements with the Owner did cause a rift that kind of hurt me in the end. My memory is hazy, but I believe I did get the position again. This was around the Minecraft 1.6.2 area, if I recall correctly. This was through sheer Pokemon experience however, and I still wasn't great with Pixelmon itself. I quit for around 2 years and came back to it a while ago. I believe I'm all caught up, but if you feel I need to do some more research of this crazy mod I'm happy to do so.

Experience with being a helper:
I have been a Helper on servers in the past, I believe I did get that on PokePlanet before the server died. I have been a moderator on numerous Facebook Groups in the past, and currently hold an Admin Position on two Fire Emblem ones: Skill Center and Nomah's Priory of Pain. You see David Peace there? Yeah, that's me. I'm trans. I also own a small Pokemon Group dedicated to Pre-Physical Special Split Metagames, but when I say small I mean like 20 members or something. It's growing, but at the moment it isn't a whole lot.

My general consensus behind moderation and the like is to be a little hands-off with everything. Be a bit more casual than the rest, connect with members and staff alike. Show that you are human. Don't be so rigid! Sometimes it is safe to let the chat flow and go in when it's clearly starting to get out of hand. Don't stop discourse, as that is what helps players improve themselves and become more experienced. When a member criticizes me, I respond with questions rather than defensive behavior. Perhaps take it to the DMs to ensure the situation doesn't blow over? There are many ways to go about that sort of situation though, I'll be all day here if I keep prattling on.

Why do you want to be a helper:
Well, it's mainly because of my wealth of experience with Pokemon as a whole. I have played VGC since 2009, and even have got 40th in Seniors back in the UK Nationals 2015: my last year! I really enjoy this server and want to help players that little bit more. I've seen inexperienced players asking for guidance and I do want to prove my sincerity. While I do have a tendency to not look before I leap sometimes (awesomedog13 saw that in full effect earlier...haha ;~;).

I also have not actually helped run a PG environment before. This to me is quite interesting, and I want to see how my more hands-off approach fares here. Of course, I can always go hands-on if required: I am flexible.

Also, at my current point in life, I quit a certain game that was causing me some...problems. Thus, I have nothing to do with my life right now! The only people who want the NEET life are those who have never experienced it: it is horrible! Not having anything to do other than scroll down Facebook to moderate Groups is torture! Surely someone could relate here?

Part 2 - Assurance
Other useful information (optional):
I have a (roughly) 7 year backlog of moderator and admin experience and would happily give more information on this if required. While very little of this is Minecraft and more Facebook, I pray this is enough.

I would love to give advice to staff, although I do know how I can rub people the wrong way sometimes. I believe UberTwilight saw that earlier, and it did put me in a precarious situation. I do want to avoid those any way I can, but all I've shown are my wordy responses that I'm sure some of the younger individuals may have issues understanding...and my tendency to create misunderstandings. I understand why I would be rejected because of this. I have Discord open quite a lot of the time, so I believe that is a plus.

I would like to note that I am Welsh, and Cymraeg (that's Welsh to the Americans) is my first language. As a result, there may be times where I don't *quite* understand what is being said. It's a reason a lot of my sentences are so long-winded: English is pretty hard, why do you have so many there's and the like? Insanity.

Did you read the requirements and rules for applying?: The only one I don't meet to my knowledge is the forum one. I would happily wait and reapply in the future if required. I don't see anywhere where I have lied, nor have I plagiarized...yeah, this is good to go I think.
I am a person.

Xander is the best Fire Emblem Husbando, prove me wrong.
Posted Aug 27, 18 · OP

We greatly appreciate a well thought out application, and enjoy the enthusiasm to be a part of the team. However having experience on many different platforms as well as some pixelmon experience isn't going to propel you onto the team. It seems you have just joined the server a week ago, and have yet to put some consistent time on the server. In your case I would say it's best to get that Miragecraft playtime consistent, and as always try and provide some player to player support on the server. "There are ways to help players without being staff". You may reapply for this position in two weeks.

Best regards,
Posted Aug 30, 18
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