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Denied Pokemonic's Helper application :D

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Minecraft username:

Discord ID:

Current Age:
I am 14 right now But feel i am mature for my age.

Country & Timezone:
I live in Enid Oklahoma i am in the central time zone CTZ

Time played on the server:
I dont really remember when i started maybe a week or two ago dont quote me on that (I really dont know lol) But in that time i have A lot of playtime i play everyday almost all day which is crazy xD

Time you can play per day:
On school days the minimum will be 2 hrs on weekends minimum of 4 hrs I try to be on as much as i can to help the youngsters since they already ask me questions.

Experience with Pixelmon:
I have been playing Pokemon since i was 6 years old basically everything about it i love i got into pixelmon 3 years ago because of a you-tuber Iballisticsquid I have played every Pokemon game except ultra moon and ultra sun!

Experience with being a staff member:
This is my first time ever being a staff member but i'm open to learn i haven't really been able to be one because i'm 14 and most server have age restrictions of like 16 which i dont meet

Why do you want to be a staff member:
I love helping out players who dont know as much as i do and i already help out the youngsters (Even tought one to breed and use /wiki egg group) I love mine craft i always have and Pokemon so pixelmon was really a big breakthrough in my life and has helped me since i was diagnosed with bronchial cancer its really helped me get through it. But that's not relevant what is relevant is that im always being told im funny and A good person which i think i could apply on the server and make everyone elses day better :d i love this server i love pixelmon if i get accepted GG but if i dont ill keep on keeping on helping and doing whatever i can! :)
Posted Aug 20, 18 · OP

Unfortunately at this time we don't feel you meet the requirements for this position. As I say to most players that apply; helping players in chat and answering general questions is an easy way to get yourself recognized. The more we observe players helping responsibly the better chance you have of getting helper. With that being said you may try to reapply after another three weeks time.

Posted Aug 30, 18
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