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Denied CallionVerx's PixelTuber Application

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Hello, I go by CallionVerx (Callion for short) for pretty much everything. I don't have a whole lot of subs on my YouTube channel (a whole whopping 4) but I had just started it not too long ago. Been getting too busy as of late to put more videos up, but I do plan on starting a Pixelmon series. I think it will be pretty cool to have videos of it up for the next generation of Minecraft fans to start getting into some modpacks. If I do get this rank then I will definitely do my part for this community, I'll definitely be on daily, not in the morning but mostly at night. Most of my videos are with me and a friend of mine doing tons of other games. He's more active than I am, but I'm trying to help him out.

The link to my channel will be at the end of my application along with some notes I have in mind for the benefit of the server and how we, as a community, can possibly get more players in. Thank you for taking time out of your day to view this application, whether or not I get the rank isn't my goal but will help more people to get in on the fun.

The link to my channel;

Sincerely, CallionVerx

My channel isn't 100% clean. I does involve vulgarity and a lot of potential raging. Also, the videos up might have lag, that's only because of my old laptop, my current one I have yet to see the quality of recording/streaming feature.
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Posted Jul 29, 18 · OP · Last edited Jul 29, 18

Though it is not specifically stated, we do require a video submission with your application. Please read this thread for more information: CLick here.

Thank you,
Posted Jul 30, 18
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