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Voided Helper app, Mark 3

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Sup lads,
Fairly certain you all know my info at this point.

Part 3: assurance
I am very good at being a helper. I've been helping ever since I could read. My first book was the manifesto of Elliot Rodger, and I have to say he had the right idea. Get rid of anyone who wasn't nice to you. If that doesn't work shoot a random buying a milk bag.

I really enjoy helping others. Helping people is one of the only good things about having such a high level of intelligence and my extreme attraction to bees. If it wasn't for helping other people, spiderman wouldn't have saved that baby in one of those European countries.

Another positive about me is my race. I can help diversify the staff by handing out honorary-scottish ID cards. With that no one would be allowed to argue with staff ever again.

When soap got banned I was petrified that I'd need to find new legs. Thankfully it wasn't necessary but it got me thinking. "Who else needs spare legs?" And that's why I've started my charity. For just 6 dollars you can gino a baconbird. With your help we can get every important person a spare set of limbs.

Overall, I think I'd be a great helper because I don't take it painfully serious and I don't brown nose. When I'm told to do something, I'll go out of my way to not do it. Please help pay for my tuition.

End of communication
(Ps. Tdog, I still love you. Take me back)
Posted Jul 18, 18 · OP
I was going to say something regarding the poor execution of the application(such as the three individual posts for one application), but after reading the post, I can only say one thing:
Posted Jul 18, 18
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