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Denied AlphaDemonQueen's Helper Application

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Part 1 - Basic information and background
Minecraft username: AlphaDemonQueen
Discord ID: AlphaDemonQueen#7501
Current Age: 14
Country & Timezone: British Columbia Canada, PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

Time played on the server: I’ve played on the server for 7 days with a play time of 3 days, will have more time added throughout the months I will play on this server.
Time you can play per day: I can play Everyday all day, from the time I get up until midnight. My cousin Will Be coming down in a few days but that shouldn't bug my schedule that much unless we go working out or swimming. There Will be a week that I won’t be here in August but I will be camping so that Would Be the only Time Id be off, I’m not sure how it may go it depends on the family but that's all I know for now.
Experience with Pixelmon: I’ve Been looking through a lot of pixelmon/pokemon games until I came across this particular server that my friends found. I know a little bit about Pokemon, still getting back into knowing the types and names of Pokemon, but that will catch on soon. I played a different Pokemon type server with different game modes
Experience with being a helper: Currently I am staff on another server for a Walking Dead type server on HavocMC. I was also a staff on Becto before I got demoted for being staff on another server and other issues that the admin had with me.
Why do you want to be a helper: I would like to be a helper because I can sort out problems between people, like if someone were to say that they needed that Pokemon someone caught I could go catch one and give it to them. I can also resolve fights between people, Like the situation with Traikel and the claiming situation. We all had mistook his deal due to google translate.

Part 2 - Assurance
Other useful information (optional):

Like I had said up there, I am an apprentice on another server, HavocMC and they are totally satisfied with my help, no commotion has gone on between any other staff. I've gotten along with everyone in this server and am very pleased with the experience of it. I became an apprentice not to long ago, June 19th, and I became a staff on the other server I was demoted on for the dumbest reasons, I can go on if needed But I have fully left that server behind for multiple reasons. I am a reliable person when being a staff member. I don’t get bored of servers easily and can manage 2 servers at once. I have a small attitude when I’m in a bad mood due to parents but I can still be chill on the server. I am friendly with everyone on the server as well as The staff. I get along with along of people and haven't had any mutes nor bans so I am quite a good person. My discord is always open and can always get on when called/needed.

I am fluent in English, though there is times that I can’t even speak due to the time of days. I can understand some French and Will be taking Spanish next year, That way I will be able to translate if anything is needed for those that aren't fluent in English.

I can spend many hours on MirageCraft while being staff on my other server, meaning I can juggle the 2 servers, being on one server a day or swapping every few hours or so. I am a reliable person, I have lots of people that can agree from my other servers, I am not trying to boast or anything, just saying that because I would like to say how reliable I can be.

Helping people is something that I do best, whether its online or at school. Helping someone when it’s needed is something that I would like to continue. Simply helping someone with a question makes me happy, because Its making someone's life easier in the end. Punishing someone for bad behavior is a great honor because it’s enforcing the rules for the server. Enforcing the rules and helping someone follow them is an amazing feeling because its making the server better.

My Knowledge in Pokemon is kinda bad at the moment but I am getting back into it because It was my childhood, playing and trading Pokemon at my school was the thing, and if you didn't have any you never got to hang out with a lot of the kids. I quit after they just got way to carried away with Pokemon, but now I am slowly getting into it because this server is the best place to learn like that. There was 1 server that I played on and that was Pokemon based, but there wasn't much to do on it because It was a weird server that you couldn't build or anything on. I know most of the first gen and part of the second gen already due to the original show.

Did you read the requirements and rules for applying?: Yes I did


Posted Jun 30, 18 · OP
I see it apt :v
Posted Jun 30, 18
Hello AlphaDemonQueen,

Most of us from the staff team think you still lack knowledge about the server, and thus, affecting your capability to help out in chat.

We also don't feel comfortable taking in someone who is also staff on another server. Yes you may be good at managing both, but the fact still remains that your time will be split.

Overall the application is great, and if you still want to reapply, we'd prefer that you don't have roles in other servers that could cut your time here.
Posted Jul 1, 18
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