Want to be part of the wiki editor team? We are looking for dedicated members that wish to help improve the server's wiki page. Before you apply, you must know that this rank grants no perks whatsoever. It is purely voluntary work, so the only thing you will receive is a website tag, love, and recognition. If that's okay with you and If you still wish to apply, proceed below.

Rules for applying:
1. Don't double-post, or bump. An edit button is there for a purpose.
2. No plagiarism. Doing so will get you voided from applying.

If you break the above rules, your application will be instantly denied.
Further action and punishments will be placed for continuous offenders.

Requirements for applying:
1. Is an active member of the server and the forums.
2. Knows his/her way around wiki editing.
3. Has decent knowledge of the English language and grammar.

If you do not meet the above requirements, your application will be instantly denied.

Template, must follow:
Spoiler: Only open if you've read and understood the rules and requirements for applying aboveShow