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Greetings Everyone, Master474 here. With the updated Staff Applications template, I'm gonna recreate my guide on how to apply. And let's just be clear. If you can't be dedicated to working for the server,just want the rank powers or attention and can't bother to read this thread, then Please don't apply.

Alright. Let's start off with:
Rules for applying:
1.Don't double-post, or bump..
Before your brains die from the confusion, let me clear things out.
Definition of Double-Post:Posting more details or copying your app down in the comment section. Whether it's right after you applied or long after it's still rule-breaking
Definition of a Bump:Snow gave an example of this in the Must Read Before Applying Thread,It's basically posting something random after your app hasn't been commented in awhile.Or when you keep posting after your previous comment. That is why there is an EDIT BUTTON e6b3246729.png there to use instead of bumping or double-posting.
2.Don't lie in your application.
Pretty simple. Don't even think about trying to prevaricate or lie. We will have to check the information you gave us on your application, and you lying could make it difficult for the staff team to trust you. There's no need to lie.You have as much of a chance as anyone here.
3. No plagiarism.Doing so will get you voided from applying.
If you're wondering what plagiarism is, It's basically copying other people. In this case,copying other people's apps. That is so we can see if you're copying other people. We can also recognize what doesn't look like your info, so no copying, do your own application, prove to yourself and us that YOU are worthy.
If you break the above rules, your application will be instantly denied.
Further action and punishments will be placed for continuous offenders.

Requirements for applying:
1.Has played on the server for one week(3 days for helper) and above.
Pretty simple on it's own. This is to ensure that you've had enough time to understand and learn about the server.
2.Is an active member of the server and the forums.
Again, pretty simple. We also can check this very easily and it's quite an important requirement. I suggest getting active on topics, suggestions and even forum games. And, activity on the server doesn't have to be insane. We don't want you to waste like thirteen hours of your day in front of a computer so you can please us, honestly, just three or four hours is outstanding.
3.Has a discord account and is active there as well
Later on, in the template you will be asked for your discord ID. We need it because it's nice to communicate as a team on a Discord chat and you being active will keep you up to date with everything going on.
4.Has a minimum of 25(5 posts for helper) helpful posts on the forums.
Once again, pretty simple and it explains itself. My suggestion on this is trying to aid on forum suggestions, maybe help out on editing the wiki and generally help people with questions and problems. This is not only to show us how much you can help and handle the forums, but also adjust to using the forums more often. This can also be ignored if you're active on the forums and know what's going on.
5.Has been fulfilling responsibilities as Helper(helps as much as he can with his current rank if applying for Helper)
If you are applying for a helper, you must be helpful in any way possible with your current rank. That includes answering peoples questions in chat, helping on the forums and reporting issues on the server etc... This is so we can be sure you have what it takes to pay attention in chat more then normal and know what to do when something needs resolving.
If you are applying for a moderator, then you must realize that this is gonna be more difficult than just being a helper. You will have to be ready to put aside some of your personal projects and even some enjoyment out of the game so you can help build and make the server grow.
6.Follows and enforces server and forum rules.
You have to enforce the rules on rule breakers on the server and forums. When they don't listen, make a report. That way you are keeping our server clean.
7.Shows mature and professional behavior on the server and forums.
For this requirement, We want you to show maturity and professionalism when it comes to being staff. That said, We don't want you being lifeless mineplex staff robots. We just need you to show basic mature and professional behavior. Sooo..Basically do the opposite of what I'm doing... Yeah...
If you do not meet the above requirements, your application will be instantly denied.

Template, must follow:
Part 1 - Basic information and background
Minecraft username:
Put your Minecraft Username in here, Don't give any borrowed or fake accounts, because we'll end you ;)
Discord ID:
Just put your Discord ID here. If you don't have a Discord, please make one. It is needed so we can all communicate.
Current Age:
Put your age in here, This probably matters least of the entire template so don't bother yourself with lying or something. Just be openly honest and don't worry. If a 20 year old applies, and a 11 year old at the same time, the 11 year old has an equal chance if he/she meets requirements. And don't be embarrassed about your age, Be a brick wall!
Country & Timezone:
Pretty simple. Just put the name of your country and Timezone. If you don't know the exact timezone, then just search google for it. This is so we can see what time you'll be online on most often.
Time played on the server:
Just put how long you've played on the server here, as in months or weeks or umm years? o.o
But don't lie, because, again we can easily check and there's just no point in lying.
Time you can play per day:
Just put how many hours you can play per day. Of course, No one can play the exact same amount of time everyday. So Just put something around that time. Or from Minimum to Maximum. Just don't lie, We can easily check how much you play. And again we don't need something ridiculous like 14 hours.
Experience with Pixelmon:
Here you put in things like knowledge of pokemon, pokemon battles, How long you've played for, Knowledge of pixelmon and things like that. But again, DO NOT lie, Because we can easily see how familiar you are with the mod when you help people on the server.
Experience with being a staff member:
Here you put your past experiences as a staff member. You shouldn't lie and put something like Co-Owner, Admin.. H-Admin. Because we can dig deep and find out your past jobs. Also if you aren't experienced that is completely fine, Just put that in there. In fact if you aren't experienced but you get accepted you get a little bit of break. We all try to teach you the commands. Much better then lying and everyone assuming you know what you're doing right?
I will say it again, If you have a nice app and you meet the requirements, You have an equal chance of being accepted, no matter how old, where you're from or how experienced how you are.
Why do you want to be a staff member:
Here is where you dedicate more thought, You put a nice, detailed speech of why you want to become a staff. We'll pay attention to this a lot. And don't lie, It is reflect-able upon the way you work. You can put something like ''because I want to help people'' or ''I want to see how much I can help the community as a member of the staff team'' on a helper application I guess, but when applying for moderator, that can't really be the only reason why you want to move up. It can make us think you are only here for the perks and power. Helping people is fine, and we understand wanting to take that a step further by becoming a moderator, but there must be some other reason, for example getting more involved with the growth of the server, wanting to make the server a cleaner place or even seeing a flaw in the current staff team. Write whatever is in your heart!

Part 2 - Situational responses(Moderator application only)
This is basically an exam. To show how much you know and how well you can handle certain situations, since you will be moving up on the ranks and you are expected to know how to handle some situations. Just state what you would do in certain situations as a moderator and what as a trainer. I know we all don't like the sound of exams(I'm basically allergic) but It's no big deal :p

Part 3 - Assurance
Other useful information (optional): Just tell us any extra information you have related to the app that you couldn't state in our template form. But for the love of Nicki Minaj and puppy dogs do not put something off-topic, It needs to be something useful and related to the Application, maybe something that could give you an edge over the other applicants. For example your knowledge with plugins or reasons why you think you may have trouble with some things and may need guidance at first. Keep in mind, this is optional.
Did you read the requirements and rules for applying?:
Put an honest answer, Although I'm sure everyone will say yes... I'm sure many people won't actually understand the rules. Which is why I made this thread.

So I hope this thread helped you all out a bit, reading it gives you some knowledge on how to apply or organize your application better, hell, you even got some killer color code patterns(they probably hurt your eyes didn't they x.x)
I wish all of you who plan to apply the best of luck!
Posted May 20, 16 · OP · Last edited Aug 25, 18
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Master474 has updated the thread a few days ago to match the new template, so anyone who needs a guide on how to apply, this should explain everything.
Posted Jun 11, 17
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