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Breeding Competition

awesometdog13 tagtagtagtag posted Mon at 17:45

Anyone can breed a competitively perfect pokemon given enough time, but this time speed is key. Race against other players to raise IV's, grow the pokemon or shrink it, and most importantly breed it with a nature that fits it. Reply to this post to be assigned a pokemon to breed, you may join at any time during the event. Upon completion, players must submit a screenshots proving they have completed what they were assigned. Assignments will be posted on May 22nd. The event ends on May 30th. Go out there and be a better Breeder than Brock ever was.


Top 3: PokeBreeder rank, 5 MirageCrystals2 Emerald Keys, 1 Ruby Key, and 6k PokeCoins

4th an 5th place: Rewards: 1 MirageCrystal1 Emerald Key, 1 Ruby Key, and 6k PokeCoins

BroccoliVapes tagtagtag It isn't that hard to be a better breeder than me :)

May Clan WArs

awesometdog13 tagtagtagtag posted May 14, 18

May 19th @ 12pm EST

You’ve built together, played together, gathered resources and hunted Pokémon together. Now it’s time to go to battle together as a clan! Choose your clan’s best battlers and strategists, load them up with the clan’s best Pokémon, and join MirageCraft’s Clan Wars to see which clan comes out on top!

Mirage Clan Wars is the server's official clan-vs-clan tournament held on every 3rd Saturday of the month at 12 PM EST (The time may change monthly depending on circumstance, in which we will announce a week or so prior to the event). The tournament will be best of 3 battles bracket-style where each clan sends two player representatives carrying three Pokémon each, for a total of 6 Pokémon per clan. Your clan’s representatives will battle against other clan’s representatives in double battles, with each person controlling one Pokémon while his partner controls the other. If your clan comes out on top, there will be gold keys for all active clan members and 24 Rare Candies, 1 gold key, 1 ruby key and 5 Mirage Points for the two winning representatives. It’s a fight for supremacy, bragging rights, and some epic rewards! Sign up here!

Blooming Shaymin

SnowBlitzz tag posted May 9, 18

Heyo, if you've been paying attention to the announcements and checking the event calendar in-game (/cal) You'll know that today's the first day a Blooming Shaymin will spawn. Prepare your Safari Balls because the first one will be spawning in 9AM EST and the other two in 10PM EST respectively.

Other dates and time are posted >here< so have a look if you're interested.

Congratulations to FishBaited for being the victor of this month's Mirage League! Followed by FusionKek coming second and lynsut coming third! Here are your prizes:

1st Place: PokeVictor rank, 12 rare candies, 1 emerald key, 1 ruby key, 5 Mirage Points
2nd Place: 12 rare candies, 1 emerald key, 1 ruby key, 1 Mirage Crystal
3rd Place: 12 rare candies, 1 ruby key, 1 Mirage Crystal
All Participants: 1 emerald key

last month's PokeVictor, Tinggo, shall be passing the rank onto FishBaited for this month! Whoever wins next month's Mirage League will have the crown passed over to them! See you at the next League which format is!

April Top Voters

SnowBlitzz tag posted May 6, 18

For their continual support to the server through voting, monthly top 5 voters get rewarded with random shiny pokemon, some rare candies, pokecoins, and even Mirage Points! Top 3 monthly voters will be rewarded with the rank PokeFan. If they already have the rank, 10 Mirage Points will be given instead. 

Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and 10 Mirage Points!
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and 10 Mirage Points!
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and 10 Mirage Points!
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, and 6k Pokecoins!
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, and 6k Pokecoins!

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