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Ever wanted to turn your favorite Pokemon into shiny but didn't have enough Mirage Crystals? Here's your chance! Get your free shiny conversion along with a free anniversary crate key in the donation store under the Anniversary tab. Cross your fingers and hope you score that Mew PokeDisguise inside the crate~ Make sure you're logged in the website to be able to see the tab! Only from today until November 14, 2018!

Congratulations to shoefish104 for being the victor of this month's Mirage League! Followed by Bruffo coming second and Sergii coming third! Here are your prizes:

1st Place: PokeVictor rank, 12 rare candies, 1 anniversary key, 1 ruby key, 5 Mirage Points

2nd Place: 12 rare candies, 1 anniversary key, 1 ruby key, 1 Mirage Crystal

3rd Place: 12 rare candies, 1 anniversary key, 1 ruby key, 1 Mirage Crystal

All Participants: 1 emerald key

Last month's PokeVictor, shoefish104, shall keep their rank! Whoever wins next month's Mirage League will have the crown passed over to them! See you at the next League!

Huge Anniversary Sale!

SnowBlitzz tag posted Sat at 4:08

Celebrating MirageCraft's 5th Year Anniversary with our biggest sale ever! 30% OFF on all items and 50% OFF on legendaries! No they don't stack! Sale starts right now up until November 15, 2018. You don't want to miss out on this! Check out our store.

Arceus Raffle

SnowBlitzz tag posted Fri at 12:04

Follow us on twitter @MirageCraft, then like and retweet this tweet (Arceus Raffle) to get a chance to win a Arceus! If enough players enter, we might even throw in some random shiny Pokemon as participatory prizes! Draw date is on November 13, 2018!

MirageCraft's 5th year anniversary is fast approaching! We're starting off by celebrating with Double XP Gain starting now until November 15 and Double Boss Spawns starting November 12 until November 14. That's not all~ stay tuned for more events to come! You may also check our in-game events calendar with /cal.

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