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When: December 2nd @ 11pm EST

Format: OU 6v6

It’s been a long journey. You’ve crossed plains and savannas, oceans and mountain hills. You’ve bred your best, battled dozens of pokemon to train levels and EVs, and thrown in your top moves and strategies. Now you crest the last rise with your team and there it is, glittering in the distance: the pressure, the acclaim, the Mirage League! Win it all to claim a special rank that proclaims your battle prowess to the world!

Mirage League is the server’s official player-vs-player tournament held on every 1st Saturday of the month at 11AM EST (The time may change monthly depending on circumstance). The tournament will be bracket-style, like Clan Wars, with the bracket closing at noon the day before the tournament takes place. The battle format may rotate every month, so one month might call for Little Cup, and the next might be Open Level. The Mirage League Rules are posted here so have a read before signing-up.

December's format is Smogon's OU from X and Y 6x6 battle, so any team that follows the rules outlined in the forum post should be fine. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st Place: PokeVictor rank, 12 Rare Candies, 2 Max Revives 3k PokeCoins, 5 Mirage Points

2nd Place: 12 Rare Candies, 2 Max Revives, 3k PokeCoins

3rd Place: 12 Rare Candies, 2 Max Revives, 3k PokeCoins

Makana4 tag Also if this is based off X and Y viability does that mean gen 7 pokes are not allowed or how do they stand?
Makana4 tag Man X and Y means no Greninja. Thats gonna suck.

Greetings everyone! 

We hope you were all keeping up with the changelogs because we've got some pretty exciting news for everyone! Just to fill everyone in, we have recently added 2 major plugins we've had on our plans for a while now, PokeHunts & Global Market, thanks to our *clears throat* lord and savior m1zark. We decided not to restrict these features to trainers only so new players also get to have a great experience with these plugins that are currently still very unique to our server. 

Since these plugins are still new, expect some small tweaks on the settings for balancing purposes and updates to come with feature additions! As always, updates will be posted on our changelog. ^-^

BlauwDraakje tagtagtagtag Greetings, This looks really amazing, thanks M1zark for creating this and give it is place on our server making it more ...

Hi guys, gals, and Georgie!

We've updated the server to Pixelmon Generations 1.2.1.

To get this update, you will need to get the Technic Launcher and download our modpack. The full instructions should be here on our wiki: Installing Pixelmon. Feel free to reach us for help on the general support forums or on discord if you're having difficulties installing.

To all the clans who participated, give yourselves a round of applause! You all did fantastic! Congratulations to the winning clan, Crew,! Both winning representatives,  GoldenCreeperInc and Tinggo, of the clan gets 32 Rarecandies, 2 Ability Capsule, and 5 Mirage Points; all other active members of the clan get 4 Rare candies from /kit clanwarscandy (only a week to claim it).

Again, congratulations! Looking forward to the next Clan Wars!

For now, Clan Wars will follow Smogon's Overused rules

Get your ranch blocks and breeding wiki ready it's time for a Pokémon breeding competition. After the last breeding competition, we have decided to change how things are done. Instead of giving everyone the same Pokemon to breed everyone will be assigned a different Pokemon to breed. “How do I get assigned Pokemon to breed?” you may ask. Comment this thread on to receive the Pokemon you need to breed. Each person will need to breed a different Pokémon with specific IVs, nature, egg move, and size. MirageCraft tries to give our players as much freedom during events but there are rules you must follow. Players found breaking the rules will be disqualified from this event and possibly future events.


  1. Another player’s Pokémon cannot be the parent of the pokemon you turn in. It may be a grandparent but cannot be a parent.
  2. Can not use Pokémon modifications from the server store.
  3. Can not pay another player to breed the Pokémon for you.

This event starts today and ends on November 30th. To turn in your breed Pokémon post screenshots on the thread and give the Pokémon to a staff member to be given to Awesometdog13.


Top 3 - Shiny version of poke, PokeBreeder or 5 Mirage Points if already have the rank,  8 Ranch Upgrades,  4 Isi's Hour Glasses, 12 Rare Candies, and 4 master balls

4th and 5th-  Shiny version of poke, 8 Ranch Upgrades,  4 Isi's Hour Glasses12 Rare Candies, and 4 master balls

Wolfy_Kokoro I'll give it a go, guess I'm joining late though :b
MinecraftG112 tagtag I'm in
Pink__ tag I'll join
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