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Rockes110 posted 23 hours ago


Super important last minute information:
Sorry this is a little late getting out to you guys, but we didn't have the full information until just moments ago. Sunday April 30th between 10pm and 12am EDT the server may experience some downtime. We'll be upgrading some of the hardware on the back end to ensure the server is ready for top performance and optimization for Pixelmon and to deliver an even better lag free experience. We'll be upgrading a few things, the primary upgrade will be an upgrade to the latest generation in Intel hardware, E3-1270 v6 (Kaby Lake). We do apologize for any inconvenience this will cause, but we ensure you this will make for a much better playing experience.



Mirage League

SnowBlitzz posted Mon at 23:57

It’s been a long journey. You’ve crossed plains and savannas, oceans and mountain hills. You’ve bred your best, battled dozens of pokemon to train levels and EVs, and thrown in your top moves and strategies. Now you crest the last rise with your team and there it is, glittering in the distance: the pressure, the acclaim, the Mirage League! Win it all to claim a special rank that proclaims your battle prowess to the world!

Mirage League is the server’s official player-vs-player tournament held on every 1st Saturday of the month at 11AM EST (The time may change monthly depending on circumstance). The tournament will be bracket-style, like Clan Wars, with the bracket closing at noon the day before the tournament takes place. The battle format may rotate every month, so one month might call for Little Cup, and the next might be Open Level. The Mirage League Rules are posted here so have a read before signing up.

The first month will be an Open Level format 6x6 battle, so any team that follows the rules outlined in the forum post should be fine. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st Place: the Mirage League rank (name to be decided), 10 Rare Candies, 10 Mirage Gems, 3k PokeCoins, 5 Mirage Points
2nd Place: 10 Rare Candies, 10 Mirage Gems, 2k PokeCoins
3rd Place: 10 Rare Candies, 10 Mirage Gems, 1k PokeCoins

Win and you can lay claim to the title of server’s best battler! Sign up here!

MirageCraft Update

Rockes110 posted Sun at 22:39

Hello, Players!

Welcome to perhaps the biggest update to MirageCraft that has been done since 2014.

After many, and trust me, I do mean MANY long nights of discussion between myself, SnowBlitzz and the remainder of the staff team over the last ~2 months, we've come to the conclusion that a map reset is the best course of action for the server. Resetting the map will allow held items to be sold again and will pave the way for a new economy with new ways to earn money, will eliminate the large number of griefed or destroyed sections of map around former warps and near spawn, will allow the server to debut a brand new spawn and a new tutorial area to introduce players to the game, and much more!
The map will be reset on May 29th, 2017, so expect a few hours of downtime for the server on that date. Detailed information about the move will be forthcoming as we near the day for the new map, but to answer the important questions: you will be able to keep the items in your inventory, the items in your enderchest (there are public enderchests at spawn that everyone can use for storing items), and the items in your /backpack. All the Pokemon in your PC and in your inventory will make the journey with you. You will also keep your money balance, and over the next few weeks, the NPCs at /warp pokemart will be buying items at slightly increased prices to help everyone get a running start on the new map.

Following the map reset, you can expect to see certain changes on the server:

-> Balanced Economy, with new pricing
-> Fresh land to build and explore, including new water and desert temples to find
-> New Spawn
-> Tutorial Area for new players
-> New centers for /warp's
-> New Gyms + Prizes (will be released soon after the update)
-> Elite 4 + Prizes
-> Updated Rules to go with the community standard
-> A fancy dancy new server logo
-> So much more that it would take me 4 months to write it all and another 8 for everyone to read it!

Thanks for your understanding while we make MirageCraft even greater than it already is. You can follow our twitter @MirageCraft to learn more / follow the updates. (PS Donation Store codes will be released on our Twitter account soon, so follow to make sure you don't miss out ;) )
If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to comment below; or shoot us a tweet at the above. 


Rockes / SnowBlitzz / Staff Team

Enderbrad45 tagtagtagtag What about gym badges? Do I need to save all of them or will we be able to battle the gyms again and get them back?
Theonlygreekboy Actually fun for once some good and different Pokémon spawn 10/10
AnonymousBlaze super cool

Greetings everyone! Let us congrate the winners on the Bulbasaur Breeding Competition! The winners will receive a shiny version of their submission, 6 Gold Hour Glasses, 12 Ranch Uprades, 4 Master Balls, and 32 Rare Candies! The top 5 winners will receive PokeBreederThose who already have PokeBreeder will get 10 Mirage Points instead.

1. awesometdog13
2. m1zark
3. Enderbrad45
4. Antumbral
5. Hayatesama
6. Crewsette
7. Axelphoenix
8. userpay 

Congratulations once again! 

BlauwDraakje tagtagtag Congratz winners \o/ blauwdraakje

Mirage Clan Wars Winner

SnowBlitzz posted Sat at 20:48

To all the clans who participated, give yourselves a round of applause! You all did fantastic, but of course there's gotta be a winner. Congratulations to the winning clan, Th3Crew! Both winning representatives of the clan gets 32 Rare candies, 2 Ability Capsules and 10 Mirage Points; all other active members of the clan get 4 Rare candies from /kit clanwarscandy (only a week to claim it). 

Again, congratulations! Looking forward to the next Clan Wars!

teamfusion123 tag Huahua couldn't expect anything less from th3crew
GoldenCreeperInc tagtagtagtag Ayyyy Gg everyone!
HugoLqu tagtagtag Ty for hosting!It is a great event,but...3am for me :(,can the event held eariler?
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