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It's our 3rd building competition! Have the skills and creativity to become the best builder on the server? Show off what you can achieve in this event and win big prizes for it!

What is a Sigilyph's City?  There are many ways to interpret that. For example, someone could create the ruins of an ancient city that a Sigilyph might continue to guard. You could also build a building, palace, market, or town square from when that city was in its heyday. Another idea is to think of how a city might grow and change over many millennia and build a modern building that sits on and incorporates a far more ancient site into its design.

Sigilyph are simple-minded guardians of ancient cities. They follow the same exact route to ensure no invaders are let in. It's also because their memories of guarding their respectful ancient cities overflow within them—that is their duty, and they are to do it forever. Any invader that is spotted is quickly met with a powerful Psychic attack. Wouldn't you want a loyal Sigilyph for your house? You'd have no burglars, terrorists, and stalkers to worry about for the rest of your lifetime!

Have you heard of the Nazca Lines? They are lines sketched onto the earth that are located in the Nazca desert of Peru. More specifically, they are called geoglyphs and they're enormous in size. These lines make pictures of several creatures and objects, such as a killer whale, dog, lizard, trapezoid, and hummingbird. Basically, these lines are the "remains" of the ancient Nazca people. They preserve their memories of life and knowledge for generations to come. This relates to Sigilyph because it occupies the hummingbird Nazca Line aspect. Both are bound to a single desert in which they will live for the rest of their lives.

The Kachina, a spirit of western Pueblo (Native American) cosmology and religious practices, is part of Sigilyph's design. There are many different concepts that kachinas watch over, such as the sun, moon, insects, arachnids, and corn. Unlike gods, kachinas are not worshiped, but they still help humans out in their daily lives by summoning rain, healing injuries, and more. Talk about useful!

Judging will be done on the following point system:

Interior: Inside a building. 20pts 

Exterior: Everything that is not inside the building but part of it. 20pts,  

Environment: Terrain and how the building is placed in it. 20pts

Concept: Incorporation of the theme. 20pts 

Originality: One of a kind. 20 pts.

Judging will begin on September 27th and end on the 29th. 

Note: The build must be on the server. Copying other's builds will result in disqualification.

Post your entries here: Building Competition Entries

Sinnless tagtag God dangit the one time i actually leave home for a extended period of time theres a building comp xD
SketchingBlue tagtag When is the ending date for this?

Goldeen Capture Competition

September 23rd @ 9 AM and 9 PM EST

Rather than capturing a Pokemon with specific stats, like the other capture contests, this time we are seeing how many of one Pokemon you can catch. On September 23rd, players will gather in one area to fish and capture as many Goldeen as they can. Bring your own fishing rods. Two instances of this event will be held at 9 AM and 9 PM EST to make it more available for different time zones. Players may participate in one instance of the event, so pick a time that works well for you.

Top 3 - Shiny version of the Pokemon, Poke Ranger rank or 5 mirage points if already has Poke Ranger, 32 safari balls,  32 rare candies, and 8 master balls.

Top 5 - Shiny version of the Pokemon, 32 safari balls, 16 rare candies, and 4 master balls.

GoldenCreeperInc tagtagtagtag Is it possible join both times lol
sawfishpro34 tag Sounds awesome as I never fish pokemons, also cyan text on white background is not that easy to read.

To all the clans who participated, give yourselves a round of applause! You all did fantastic! Congratulations to the winning clan, Crew,! Both winning representatives,  GoldenCreeperInc and Tinggo, of the clan gets 32 Rare Candies, 2 Ability Capsules and 5 Mirage Points; all other active members of the clan get 4 Rare candies from /kit clanwarscandy (only a week to claim it).

Again, congratulations! Looking forward to the next Clan Wars!


Server is Up

Kirito45 tagtagtag posted Sat at 22:15

We apologize for the wait but the server is back up now. :D Enjoy your time on the server and we hope you have a nice day :D

Bruffo tag thank u kirito i love you

Server Crashed

Kirito45 tagtagtag posted Sat at 20:32

The server has crashed, we are looking into it and we will post once the server is up, sorry for the inconvienence but we ask for all of you to remain patient while we work to get the server back up.

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