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Get your ranch blocks and breeding wiki ready it's time for a Pokémon breeding competition. After the last breeding competition, we have decided to change how things are done. Instead of giving everyone the same Pokemon to breed everyone will be assigned a different Pokemon to breed. “How do I get assigned Pokemon to breed?” you may ask. Comment this thread on to receive the Pokemon you need to breed. Each person will need to breed a different Pokémon with specific IVs, nature, egg move, and size. MirageCraft tries to give our players as much freedom during events but there are rules you must follow. Players found breaking the rules will be disqualified from this event and possibly future events.


  1. Another player’s Pokémon cannot be the parent of the pokemon you turn in. It may be a grandparent but cannot be a parent.
  2. Can not use Pokémon modifications from the server store.
  3. Can not pay another player to breed the Pokémon for you.

This event starts today and ends on November 30th. To turn in your breed Pokémon post screenshots on the thread and give the Pokémon to a staff member to be given to Awesometdog13.


Top 3 - Shiny version of poke, PokeBreeder or 5 Mirage Points if already have the rank,  8 Ranch Upgrades,  4 Isi's Hour Glasses, 12 Rare Candies, and 4 master balls

4th and 5th-  Shiny version of poke, 8 Ranch Upgrades,  4 Isi's Hour Glasses12 Rare Candies, and 4 master balls

Pink__ tag I'll join
finalstand7 I will join
fastengineman Ill join

October Top Voters

SnowBlitzz tag
SnowBlitzz @ MirageCraft Pixelmon
posted Wed at 18:43

Hi folks, sorry this came in a bit late. Kinda got lost while we were preparing for the 4th Year Anniversary events, but it was never forgotten! Top voters of October are as follows:

For their continual support to the server through voting, monthly top 5 voters get rewarded with random shiny pokemon, some rare candies, pokecoins, and even Mirage Points! Top 3 monthly voters will be rewarded with the rank PokeFan. If they already have the rank, 10 Mirage Points will be given instead. 

Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and 10 Mirage Points!
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and 10 Mirage Points!
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and 10 Mirage Points!
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, and 6k Pokecoins!
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, and 6k Pokecoins!


SnowBlitzz tag
SnowBlitzz @ MirageCraft Pixelmon
posted Wed at 13:58

Around 15 hours left before the 40% OFF SALE ends! This has been the biggest sale we've had so grab the opportunity while it lasts!

MirageCraft Through The Years

SnowBlitzz tag
SnowBlitzz @ MirageCraft Pixelmon
posted Mon at 22:14

It's been 4 years; so many memories have been made. Took hours upon hours to go through every MirageCraft video on Youtube to make this compilation video, so let's see how many shots you recognize in this video ^-^ Sit back, relax, and let the nostalgia flow. We're also giving out a MirageCraft 4th Year Anniversary Medal so comment down below with your username if you want one (redeemable on the 13th of November, 2018). 

OmegaXIS That floating island spawn in the beginning of the video... Dang.
Joey11112 Joey11112 Mirage has grown alot cant wait to see its future
ElectricReaper tagtag ElectricReaper and I am really looking forward to seeing how much the server changes by next year

Clan Wars November

awesometdog13 tagtagtagtag posted Sun at 7:48

November 18th @ 3pm EST

You’ve built together, played together, gathered resources and hunted Pokémon together. Now it’s time to go to battle together as a clan! Choose your clan’s best battlers and strategists, load them up with the clan’s best Pokémon, and join MirageCraft’s Clan Wars to see which clan comes out on top!

Mirage Clan Wars is the server's official clan-vs-clan tournament held on every 3rd Saturday of the month at 3PM EST (The time may change monthly depending on circumstance, in which we will announce a week or so prior to the event). The tournament will be best of 3 battles bracket-style where each clan sends two player representatives carrying three Pokémon each, for a total of 6 Pokémon per clan. Your clan’s representatives will battle against other clan’s representatives in double battles, with each person controlling one Pokémon while his partner controls the other. If your clan comes out on top, there will be rare candies for all active clan members and 32 Rare Candies, 2 Ability Capsules and 5 Mirage Points for the two winning representatives. It’s a fight for supremacy, bragging rights, and some epic rewards! Sign up here

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