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To all the clans who participated, give yourselves a round of applause! You all did fantastic! Congratulations to the winning clan, Crew,! Both winning representatives,  GoldenCreeperInc and Tinggo, of the clan, gets 32 Rarecandies, 2 Ability Capsules and 5 Mirage Points; all other active members of the clan get 4 Rare candies from /kit clanwarscandy (only a week to claim it).

Again, congratulations! Looking forward to the next Clan Wars!

FusionKek tag Myyyyyyyyyyyy boyyysssssssssss

March Clan Wars

awesometdog13 tagtagtagtag posted Mar 10, 18

March 17th @ 3pm EST

You’ve built together, played together, gathered resources and hunted Pokémon together. Now it’s time to go to battle together as a clan! Choose your clan’s best battlers and strategists, load them up with the clan’s best Pokémon, and join MirageCraft’s Clan Wars to see which clan comes out on top!

Mirage Clan Wars is the server's official clan-vs-clan tournament held on every 3rd Saturday of the month at 3PM EST (The time may change monthly depending on circumstance, in which we will announce a week or so prior to the event). The tournament will be best of 3 battles bracket-style where each clan sends two player representatives carrying three Pokémon each, for a total of 6 Pokémon per clan. Your clan’s representatives will battle against other clan’s representatives in double battles, with each person controlling one Pokémon while his partner controls the other. If your clan comes out on top, there will be rare candies for all active clan members and 32 Rare Candies, 2 Ability Capsules and 5 Mirage Points for the two winning representatives. It’s a fight for supremacy, bragging rights, and some epic rewards! Sign up here make sure to read rules!

SnowBlitzz was walking through a jungle biome and heard, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH". Moments later Tarzan came in swinging from a vine. Snowblitzz greeted him with "Yo, what's up Ape Man?" "I need a new house" - Tarzan replied. 

Snow has turned the making of Tarzan's new house into a competition. Players are to make a new tree house for Tarzan. Tarzan didn't give too many requirements just that it had to be in a tree. Tarzan will be judging so think like an Ape Man

Submit your builds by responding to this thread with your IGN and Coords to your build. Builds are due April 10th.

GoldenCreeperInc tagtagtagtag
GoldenCreeperInc @ MirageCraft Pix...
Oh man, the creativity lol

Come together for a fun event, get a pokemon (Given to you by Blauwdraakje no need to bring your own), train it for one hour at MirageIsland, and after that hour a battle to see who raised the best! 


11 March 2018



What Pokemon?

Gen 1: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander + Pikachu

Read Rules at Small League Thread

Mirage League Victor

SnowBlitzz tag posted Mar 5, 18

Congratulations to DireWolfPVP for being the victor of this month's Mirage League! Followed by ClowningPossible coming second and froakieplaysMC coming third! Here are your prizes:

1st Place: PokeVictor rank, 12 rare candies, 1 valentines key, 1 ruby key, 5 Mirage Points
2nd Place: 12 rare candies, 1 valentines key, 1 ruby key, 1 Mirage Crystal
3rd Place: 12 rare candies, 1 valentines key, 1 ruby key, 1 Mirage Crystal
All Participants: 1 valentines key

last month's PokeVictor, tinggo, shall be passing the rank onto DireWolfPVP ! Win at the next Mirage League to get the crown passed onto you! Next month's Mirage League is on April 7, Saturday and the theme is [X/Y OU]. See you there!

nachosbeans tagtag Next Mirage League is on Sat, Feb 3?? O.o
ClowningPossible tagtag Gave it my best shot!
FusionKek tag Congratulations! There were some really great battles that day.
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