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Mirage Clan Wars

SnowBlitzz tag posted Sun at 4:43

When: June 24, 2017 - 3PM EST

To know more about Mirage Clan Wars and the rules, click here. 

To sign up, click here.

Congratulations to GoldenCreeperInc for being the victor, again, of this month's Mirage League! That's 2 wins in a row! Followed by awesometdog13 coming second and Sinnless coming third! As announced previously, these are the prizes the winners get:

1st Place: PokeVictor rank, 10 Rare Candies, 10 Mirage Gems, 3k PokeCoins, 5 Mirage Points
2nd Place: 10 Rare Candies, 10 Mirage Gems, 2k PokeCoins
3rd Place: 10 Rare Candies, 10 Mirage Gems, 1k PokeCoins

GoldenCreeperInc gets to keep his PokeVictor rank! Whoever wins next month's Mirage League will have the crown passed over to him! The PokeVictor rank consists of something every Trainer would love! A wiki page will be made soon to describe the rank and list what it has to offer.


Rockes110 tag posted Jun 11, 17

Due to the overwhelming lack of common sense by certain players among us, it is necessary to clarify that if you breed a Pokemon for the competition, you are not to pass it or its parents around to other players to make it easy for them to breed the same Pokemon. You are not to ask other people for their Pokemon in order to make breeding easier. Doing so will result in disqualification. As a result, several players have been disqualified from the competition, and slots for who receives the PokeBreeder rank will be reshuffled accordingly.

Breed the Pokemon stated below with the following requirements to earn cool prizes such as a shiny version of the Pokemon, Ranch Upgrades, Isi's Hour Glasses, and Rare Candies! The first 10 players who gets the required Pokemon and posts on this forum thread wins the prize. The top 5 will get PokeBreeder rank. If you already have the rank, you get 10 Mirage Points instead!

Note: The Pokemon must be submitted to me in order to claim the prizes.
Each player is limited to one entry for this capture competition.
The use of modifications count as cheating, thus is subject for disqualification.

Enderbrad45 tagtagtagtag This is awesome! I'm so excited to breed that move across so many pokes.
CzTrigzz tagtagtagtag just to clarify "let him hold any pokemail that contains message for his father" it can be female asw...
GoldenCreeperInc tagtagtagtag Guess I'll be breeding for daddy's day :}

May Top Voters

SnowBlitzz tag posted Jun 7, 17

For their continual support to the server through voting, monthly top 5 voters get rewarded with a random shiny pokemon, some rare candies, pokecoins, and even Mirage Points! Top 3 monthly voters will be rewarded with the rank PokeFan. If they already have the rank, 10 Mirage Points will be given instead. 

BlauwDraakje - 149 votes
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and 10 Mirage Points!
Merc_ - 147 votes
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and PokeFan!
Ojlloyd_24 - 145 votes
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and PokeFan!
RoxasPrime333 - 144 votes
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, and 6k Pokecoins!
RealJamesTV - 141 votes
Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, and 6k Pokecoins!

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